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Since the launch of our new site we have been asked how we did it, how much it costs and whether we can offer a design service. Well to tell the truth... the website cost nothing, it took approximately 2 hours to do and it is within everyone's capability of doing it.

All we did was purchase a hosting package from OneAndOne which included their wonderful design software. The design is all done online and it is only a 7 step procedure. If you fancy bying a site so that you too can have a site like ours just click the link below. Once on the website select a package to purchase (we recommend either the £8.99 or £9.99 monthly business packages), click on "further details" and look for the option titled WebsiteCreator (on the left side of the screen). When this option comes up look for the "Test it now" button... just follow the screens and you too will see how easy this site was to produce.