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All of your "how do I" questions are answered in this Help File. Please download it and use the F1 key in WinTAPS to access the information. Please check your help file before contacting technical support. Also, try the FAQ page to answers to more technical questions

HHelp File

This area is specifically for users of WinTAPS Premium to obtain the latest update to their favourite program. Please select the required links below to download the most up to date version of WinTAPS Premium

Important: BUPA update is available which adds all the required information on their invoices. It also has a report for statistical analysis. This update (version is only available to support contract holders. You will need to ring Richard on 0781 5151007 to obtain the download link - Thank you

WinTAPS Premium Update (30/11/2008) version
(Please note: You are only entitled to this update if you are a registered user with a current support contract)

This update adds the 15% VAT rate.

This update adds invoice writeoff facilities to the group piggybank screen

This update resolves a 9 year old glitch that has only just been uncovered. The problem is with the invoice comments editor, when you get to over 60 comments the editor was not showing the first one you entered at the top of the list. This is now fixed.

This update solves the "number of treatments" on the group invoice run when you use the new Firebird Database Engine (Please note, this does not affect users who use the Interbase Engine). This update also adds a new option in the diary to prompt for confirmation when booking appointments so that users can double check dates and times etc.

This update adds code to prevent remote connections from dropping when using Wintaps to connect over the internet. It also allows the red names for GP patients in the diary to be switched off.

This minor update adds a warning note that can be added to a patient's account which will appear whenever their details are searched for.

This is the first major update for Wintaps in preparation for the brand new version. This is version 5 and will update your database to be compatible with the new version when it is released.

We hope you enjoy our latest offerings. Please remember backup, backup and backup again before updating your copy of WinTAPS.

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NEW! WinTAPS Lite Update 07/09/2005. Please click here to download the current update. This update upgrades WinTAPS Lite to WinTAPS Premium. Please ensure you backup before upgrading. Also. ensure you close down your copy of WinTAPS Lite before upgrading as an upgrade cannot go ahead if WinTAPS Lite is running. After you have upgraded you may then obtain the WinTAPS Premium update in the future.