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This page attempts to answer difficult technical questions not answered in our new Help file. Please ensure you have obtained the Help file and read it and this page before contacting technical support. Your co-operation is appreciated.

Questions answered in this FAQInternal GDS Software consistency check...
My data has disappeared..!
Cannot connect to host **** Win32 error 10061

Q. I receive "Internal GDS Software consistency check..."

A. This is database metadata corruption. This can happen in a very few cases when performing a WinTAPS Update. Any changes to your database structure is liable to corruption. It's a sad fact but you can plan for this and minimize any convenience that it causes. WinTAPS has a built in repair facility that will transparently fix the problem and allow you to continue you working with little or no downtime. You can help this by ALWAYS backing up before you come onto the website to obtain the latest version. To fix the Internal GDS Software problem please perform the following actions

  • Click Log In and then click the 3 dotted button to the right of Practice
  • Click the "Up one level" icon at the top right of the screen
  • Double click the "Default" folder and then double click wintapsmaster.gdb
  • Log In as normal with your password
  • Click Utilities, SQL Window
  • In the large white box type (without quotes) "delete from config"
  • Click the "Execute Query" button. Press okay to close the success screen
  • Now type "delete from occodes" (no quotes) and click Execute Query
  • Now type "delete from outopts" (no quotes) and click Execute Query
  • Close the SQL Window
  • Click Log In and click the 3 dotted button
  • Double click your practice file
  • Log In as normal with your password
  • Click Utilities, Database Repair and Integrity Checker.
  • Click the button marked "Pump"
  • When prompted answer "Yes" when asked if you wish to rename the file.

You should now have no problems with metadata corruption. If you do have problems please call technical support

Q. My data has disappeared...!

A. No it hasn't. WiinTAPS never deletes data unless you have told it to. What is more likely is that you have a filter set to hide certain items of data. To remove any grid filters please perform the following

  • Click "Grid filters" at the top of the screen
  • Click the "Remove active grid filters" option
  • Answer yes when asked to confirm you wish to remove grid filters
  • Now recheck your data.

If that hasn't solved your problem then you should check to see which column is being used to order your data. All the data maybe there it's just that you are not seeing it where you expect to see it... hence it looks like it is missing. To resolve this perform the following

  • Look for the column that has a little grey triangle
  • Click on the column header you wish to order the data by (e.g "Date")
  • You will see the data re-order and the little grey triangle appear next to the column header you clicked on.

Q. Cannot connect to host **** Win32 error 10061

A. If you are using Windows 95 or 98 you may need to update your winsock version. Go to www.microsoft.com and perform a search for "winsock 2 update for Windows 9x" (replace x with your version of Windows). Install the update and then re-try connecting. You may also have a firewall that is getting in the way. Check your firewall settings and re-try connecting in WinTAPS.

For network users there are several other reasons why you may get this message. All too often our customers are paying companies to install networks who do not complete the procedure. Not only should the company install the hardware they should ensure that all computers are viewable via windows explorer and that all computers can be "pinged" from every other computer. Unless they can do this then the network setup is not complete. We have been involved with several customers recently in exactly this position and have spent many hours helping resolve simple network problems. Remember you are paying them to do this for you and they should be competent enough to complete the whole procedure without assistance from us. If you get this message and you have an installed network then check for firewalls, check for workgroup settings and IP addresses, try a ping test to establish a connection. Ensure the correct cables are being used. If we are required to resolve your network issues then this may attract a charge, we apologise for this but many hours can be consumed unwinding a company's installation to correct it. Check the company you are employing, ensure they know the terminology. Ask them some simple questions such as "Will you be using static IP addresses, if not, how do you intend to resolve IP addressing?" Ask them will they be using a switch, hub or crossover cable to connect your computers? Will it be hard-wired or wireless? If it's wireless which protocol will they be using? Will they be setting up the computers to share internet access? If they are do they intend to install a firewall? Any company with network knowledge will be able to answer these questions easily. You can save yourself from a lot of heartache if you are well armed before engaging a company to install your network.