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The files contained on this page should only be downloaded if you are instructed to do so by Medical Data Services Ltd. The files themselves are tiny parts of WinTAPS which are of no use on their own but can save a large download if you require them. You will be advised whether you need these files by Medical Data Services Ltd.

Dual Core Processor Support

If you have bought a new dual core processor computer please install this file. This will set the database engine to route through one processor only and prevent the 20 second delay experienced when logging in. Please click here to install the file.

Scheduled Backup Batch File
This file is used to allow remote servers to automate overnight backups
without personnel being present on site. This is normally only used in large establishments or those that have dedicated servers

NEW! WinTAPS Utilities.

This file installs two little utilities, the first allows you to check diary appointments against number of treatments and payments and the second allows you to check insurance company balances. Click here to obtain the download.

WinTAPS Demonstration Video
Here it is, our very first flash movie. Click the link to the right and when prompted select "Open". This will download a short movie and automatically start playing. Don't forget to email me (richard@wintaps.com) with your wishes for video tutorials.WinTAPS Premium Movie

Interbase Database Engine
Download the Interbase Engine only if you have been instructed to do so. You will need to uninstall any previous versions of the engine before installing this one. Interbase Database engine

WinTAPS Data Transfer
If you require to transfer data from one practice to another then this is for you. Full instructions are included. At the moment this utility can only transfer GP's, Consultants, Health Companies and Treatments but if you require more just let me knowWinTAPS Data Transfer Utility

WinTAPS Permissions script
If you have other users (excluding SYSDBA) and you get messages along the lines of "no permission for execute access to procedure PATDETAILS" please download this file and perform the following.
Save the file WPermissions.SQL to your computer (remember where it is!)
In WinTAPS click Utilities, SQL Window
Put a tick in "Execute line by line"
Remove the tick from "Parameter check"
Click "Load from file" and locate WPermissions.sql
Click "Execute Query" and then OK the success message.
Close the SQL Window.
Please not, you MUST be logged on as SYSDBA to perform the above.