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WinTAPS Premium.... from MDS Ltd

This page has a small number of screen shots that allow you to see WinTAPS in action.

This is the WinTAPS diary. You can give treatments, raise invoices and take payments from within it. You'll notice that the diary is multi-practitioner (or room or machine!) and has day/week view. In the diary you can search for existing patients or you can add a new patient.

The next screen shot shows you one of the several screens for reviewing statisical data. This one is showing invoices created over a user-selected period of time. Each of the columns of data can be used to sort or to group theinformation. A grouped screen shot follows next.

We now have a grouped screen of patient events. A grouped set of data allows you to see extra statistics for that set of data. As an example this screen show has grouped the events together for each patient and then displaying amount and count of the data.

Our next screen shot shows the above screen in its original form. This is basically a plain list but notice the colour coding. The colour key is user selectable and refers to whether a treatment given was marked as private, health company, group or contract.

This final screen shot shows you the WinTAPS medical notes in action. This screen stores a considerable amount of data and allows you to write your clinical notes and add pictures to the patient's record. This screen is also available from the diary and from the patient's events screen